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October 2013 Newsletter

      A Letter from The Editor:


Open Mic this month will be a fund raiser for the Instrumental Music Program in our local elementary schools. See the news letter for details. Come out and support the arts in our schools. Reading, writing and arithmetic are great but humans need art, music and literature to become something other than drones serving our corporate masters. Come on down on Saturday October 26th, and remember to dress for halloween or just remember to dress, please.

I hope the work on Mount St. Helena wraps up soon. No matter how many signs they put up about the stop light the skid marks continue to multiply. Anybody have any inside intel on the project? Pass it along.

I spent last week in Sacramento doing some training. It was fun being in “the big city” for the week but by Friday I remembered why I moved to Cobb. We may not have all the amenities of the city but we have something greater than that, a sense of community.

Warning: Sad Story Alert

My friends dog died last week. Not a good opening sentence I know but what are you going to do. My friend and I have known each other since we were 8 years old and needless to say we have been through a lot together over the years. We watched each other join different branches of the Armed Forces and lived to tell the tale. We attended each others weddings We have helped each other through the loss of family members. We have watched our children grow into college and adulthood. We have cried in joy and loss.

I remember when she was a puppy, but that was 14 years ago. She was a big dog and at that age she had a good long run. Age finally took it's toll on her and after a trip to the vet and some blood tests the bad news came with a dinnertime phone call. My friend and his wife were able to take her for one last walk in the park and then it was off to the vet. What struck me the most was that she was a good dog, always friendly and approachable. The more I thought about it I realized that virtually every person she had ever had contact with had been nice to her. She had grown from a puppy in a household with love and care. She had her bed in the living room and her chew toy to play with. My friend has taken it hard, and I also weep.

If you have a dog, pet it for me, pet it for my friend and pet it for my friends dog. Her name was Kasey and she was a good dog.

Sorry to end on such a down note but this was cheaper than therapy.

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